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Do you need support to start or grow? Do you want someone to bounce ideas off, to help you sort your priorities and figure out what you need to do next? Is it time to get an expert’s perspective instead of just trying to figure it out on your own?

I’m Natalie Cooper-Berthe, and this is my genius: Finding solutions that work.

I come from a family of entrepreneurs and business people. I’ve started several businesses, worked as a consultant, became a franchisee, and founded associations big and small. My experience is diverse and I have an insatiable appetite for learning and helping others grow their business. 

I am a business strategist, and I look at the challenges my clients face from many perspectives, so I am often able to see things differently. My goal is to help you manifest success in your business much quicker than you would do alone. 

I offer a limited number of opportunities to work with me privately through either 1:1 VIP Days, structured 6-month Coaching/Mentoring, or through a Strategic Advisory capacity. I help entrepreneurs and business owners, just like you, find solutions and create a business they envision and love.

When I work with my private clients, I bring everything I have to the table and tend to over-deliver. That means that I not only share my knowledge and expertise, but I’ll also share my network and resources. In return, I expect you to also bring everything you have as well, including a willingness to put in the time and effort necessary for success, and a great attitude.

If you want to jump ahead in the game, and you’re willing to put in what it takes, let’s schedule a time to talk and see if we’d be a good fit working together.


I work with clients to: 

  • Crystalize your vision
  • Develop a strategic plan to achieve your goals
  • Find solutions to your challenges
  • Create your blueprint to success
  • Maintain accountability





 To schedule a connection call to see if we'd be a good fit working together, please click here


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