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CEO Toolkits

CEO Toolkits is a learning platform specifically designed to help entrepreneurs, small business owners and would-be entrepreneurs fill in their business knowledge gaps.  Toolkits are topic-specific courses on different and timely aspects of running a business, such as:

  • Productivity 
  • Networking for Introverts
  • Branding
  • Exhibiting at Live Events
  • Cybersecurity
  • Collections

Our goal is to educate the entrepreneur to a level of comprehension and competence.Cultivating knowledge from industry experts and synthesizing it into a format that is specifically geared toward the busy small business owner, CEO Toolkits empowers entrepreneurs with the knowledge, skills and resources to run your business LIKE A BOSS!  To learn more about how CEO Toolkits came to be, check out our blog post
"Introducing CEO Toolkits!" 

 Natalie Cooper-Berthe, MBA

Natalie is the founder and creator of CEO Toolkits. She is a successful serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of broad range experience, including consulting in operations, accreditation and start-ups, business mentoring and as a multi-unit franchisee. In addition to her own businesses, she’s also founded local and national non-profit and advocacy organizations, bringing together diverse groups of stakeholders to work toward a common goal. She has a million ideas and a noteworthy ability to see situations strategically, pragmatically and from many perspectives.

Natalie founded CEO Toolkits when she realized how fragmented the start-up industry is. She noticed that fellow business owners often felt overwhelmed and couldn't find what they wanted or needed. Additionally, entrepreneurs often missed important key information necessary to running a successful business. She set to remedy this by organizing topics into Toolkits finding industry experts and creating online courses that are taught the way people enjoy learning.


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