Yet Another Company Was Hacked & Your Data Was Probably Stolen (Again). Here's What to Do.

cybersecurity Aug 27, 2018

I like being able to easily find what I need, so I am a big fan of being organized. I have color-coded file folders for things we receive in paper form and need to keep (yes, really!). This include things like bills paid, paperwork for the kids’ schools, medical forms we receive from the doctors, car maintenance, bank statements, and so on.

I’ve had these same folders for many years, but there’s a new file folder that I recently had to set up: Stolen Data/Cyber Breaches.

Yes, I now have a folder for all those letters we’ve received over the last few years about the cyber breaches that Frank (the spousal unit) and I have received. The last one we got was in May, from TaskRabbit, Inc., one of the resources that Frank used to launch his home energy audit and weatherization business last year.

Also in that folder: Home Depot, JP Morgan Chase (twice), US Department of Veteran Affairs, IRS,  Verizon, Citigroup, CVS, Gap, Hyatt Hotels, US Army, Department of...

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Friends Gone Bad: When It’s Time to Unfriend

Just a few years ago, I was pretty much a social media neophyte. I’d only joined Facebook because my girlfriends from undergrad planned our annual adventures through that medium. At the time, I’d have been perfectly happy to stick with email.

My opinion on social media has since evolved, and like most of us, I could easily lose days of my life reading updates, laughing at memes and watching videos. I’ve met amazing people and become part of communities that have come to mean so much to me (shout out to Pantsuit Nation!). I even found a fun new pastime (trolling the trolls, which not something I actually recommend doing and have since stopped). But as I engaged in this brave new world, I also met a lot of people who apparently lacked all basic social decorum. I’ve had to unfriend people I knew in real life (in most cases, we’ve stayed friends) and block the crazier ones.

Here’s what I’ve learned.

When you accept a friend or connection request...

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Who Knew You Were So Popular? Deciding Who Is Worthy to be Your Online Friend

Social media is both a bonanza and a bane. It’s useful to stay connected to family and friends. And it’s great to grow your professional network. In fact, when you’re starting out, it’s natural to want to accept EVERYONE who wants to friend, connect or follow you. However that’s not always a good idea, because when you’re not discriminating, social media can become your bane.

People who do not have a business or don’t do much business online tend to be a lot more picky about who they accept as friends on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, see everyone as a potential customer. Networking for the purpose of activism—a trend that’s growing—is a hazy middle ground between the two extremes.

For the purposes of this article, I will use the term “friend” to also include whatever the connection is called on other social media platforms, like “connection” on LinkedIn or...

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