What's In a Name? Why We Are CEO Toolkits

start up Sep 12, 2017

 What’s in a name? Everything, even when it wasn’t what you intended.

I arrived at the name of this website (and by extension, business) by circumstance. The circumstance was that I did not want to use my name, and that I couldn’t find a domain name that included the word “business” that didn’t cost thousands of dollars. (Don’t even get me started on how people buy domains and then sit on them…who can afford to pay $5600 for a domain with the word “business” in it?) And I really didn’t want to make up a name that was too clever or completely irrelevant and no one would know what I was talking about.

On my 1324th attempt to get a decent domain, I found ceotoolkits.com (at the standard price). It was more than perfect. The name helped me clarify what I wanted to do here, which is to help you cultivate the CEO mindset. This is crucial whether you are a start-up entrepreneur or you’ve bought an existing...

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10 Areas of Your Business You Need to Review

This article is the second in a three-part series about business assessments and the importance of getting objective feedback on your business. My first article, The First Order of Business: Why Great Organizations Rely on Objective Feedback, can be found here

Whether we are conscious of the fact or not, we are constantly assessing the world around us: things, people, places, situations.

And we make decisions based on those assessments, too. These decisions range from the mundane (Is this a good time to cross the street? What should I wear today based on the weather?), to those that require strategic planning to get the best outcome possible (When is the best time to launch my product? When is a good time to ask my boss for a raise?)

Many of those decisions have layered options, depending on what you want to see happen. For example, a bad experience at a restaurant might result in you talking to a manager, or leaving a message on Yelp, or coming back another night, or trying...

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The First Order of Business

Why Great Organizations Rely on Objective Feedback

This article is the first in a three-part series about business assessments and the importance of getting objective feedback on your business.

Opinions are like elbows: Everybody has one. Therefore it’s generally a good idea to follow my grandfather’s motto: “I’m entitled to my opinion, and you’re entitled to ignore it.” But to decide to ignore it, you first need to hear it.

Honeybunch was a Maverick, Not an Ostrich

My grandfather, who we called Honeybunch, was a WWII merchant marine and later a successful international business man, breaking cultural and commercial barriers long before it was hip to do so. The success of this under-educated Italian boy from the Lower East Side to vice president of a major chemical corporation was undoubtedly due in part to ignoring the opinions of the day: He was rejected from joining the Navy, so he joined the Merchant Marines (a much more dangerous job). He was...

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Introducing CEO Toolkits

start up May 18, 2017

I am an entrepreneur who loves establishing and growing businesses, and even I can be completely and utterly overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information that is available on the Interwebs. Talking with peers and clients, I quickly realized that I wasn't the only one.

Every webinar claimed to be THE solution to what I needed to grow my business or (ironically) eliminate overwhelm. Business coaches—many with no business experience—promised to support me and help me with my money mindset, strategy or other solutions.

Resources on what to do and how to do it piled up until my browser tabs were too small to read, and my hard drive was filled up with oodles of free books, checklists and guidelines.

The only thing that was for certain was that I felt like I had no clue where to start and, frankly, no money left to spend on all these Latest and Greatest.

There were days where I didn't know where to turn, but I knew was that it shouldn't be this hard. I have two Masters...

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